Keeping Your Mess In Check In a Small Home

There are some people who prefer living in a small house because they are tired of taking care of a larger place. Then there are others who have to live in a small space because that is all they can afford. No matter what your reason for living in a small home, you will have to make some efforts in getting organized. This doesn’t necessarily need to mean going out and buying storage containers, installing new shelving, or purchasing furniture that double as storage units (although these are pretty cool). No, to bring more organization to your home, adjusting your lifestyle is what will make a difference.

How to Keep Your Home In Check

* Make a habit of arranging your bed before you leave for the day. A messy bed can give a very dirty look to your room.

* What makes a small space feel overcrowded is having too many things all over the place. Avoid keeping things here and there; rather, decide on a specific place for each of your things. Remember the lesson – ‘Make a place for everything and keep everything in its place.’

* Buying some storage units and keeping things in the place there will make your space appear tidy and arranged.

* In many cases, the usable space is occupied by things that need to be discarded, making a small home look disorganized. At the same time, you might lose precious time in finding little things that keep disappearing. So get rid of the useless things immediately.

* Do not leave things undone. Apart from creating clutter, such a habit also leads to missing items. Arrange all your important papers and documents in a file rather than keeping them loosely on the bed or table. If you are writing something, make sure to keep the pen and writing pad in the right place.

* Transform your junk drawer into a neatly organized storage unit by removing all items from it and lining it with a newspaper. Throw aside the things that are useless and categorize other things into families such as nails and screws, hammer and screwdrivers, wires of all types and other such categories. Make compartments in the drawer using separators and keep your things categorized in there.

* Utilize your closet space. Don’t keep a closet like you see in cartoons sometimes; you know the ones – where everything, and then some, falls out when you open the door. There are plenty of ways to organize your closet space to make it easy to find things. Hang extra hanger bars, place stackable drawers in the bottom corner, install shelves – be creative, there are a lot of ways to make the most out of your closets.

* Do not throw your dirty clothes in the room. The best option is to buy a basket and keep the clothes that have to be washed in there.

* After eating food, you should immediately bring the dishes back to the kitchen and throw all waste in the garbage bin. Maybe even go one step further and do the dishes at that moment so they don’t stack up.

* Keep a picture of your former messy room somewhere nearby. When you are not in the mood to keep things in their place, just have a look at the picture to remind you of what will happen if you do not put in an effort.

What are your tips on keeping your place neat?

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