10 Things You Can Live Without to Reduce Clutter

Have you installed custom organization solutions in your home, yet you still can’t seem to get your clutter under control? Although customized storage solutions provide you with the space to store your belongings every single item you’ve ever owned will not fit into them in an organized manner. If you are still having problems with clutter you may just may have too much stuff. Today we are going to share 15 items you can live without to help reduce the clutter in your home.

1.  Dishes or tupperware you don’t use and those that are mismatched.

2.  Items in your pantry you haven’t used or won’t use in the next three months.

3.  Countless amounts of cleaning products

4.  CDs, DVDs and books. If you don’t mind going digital make the switch and save space.

5.  Old clothes or shoes that no longer fit or that you haven’t worn in a year

6.  Broken toys or those that your kids no longer play with.

7.  Exercise equipment you don’t use. Sell it and buy a gym membership instead.

8.  Archived bills and bank statements. Go paperless and view back statements online.

9.  Old makeup. Lipstick, lip liner and foundation can last up to a year, powders and shadows 2 years, and mascara and eyeliner 3 months.

10.  Old electronics. Donate them to charitable organizations to be refurbished.

What things have you found you can live without to reduce the clutter in your home?

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