2012 Design House Announces Designers

Congratulations to Sr. Designer Peggy Woodall who has been selected once again this year to participate in designing exclusive spaces for the 2012 SHE Design House.

About Peggy

Peggy Woodall has been a senior designer with The Closet Factory for over 6 years, serving clients in Charlottesville and the surrounding area. With an engineering background and 10 years of experience as a professional organizer, she is uniquely qualified to make sure that her clients get a beautiful, well planned, and well-organized closet that can store all your treasures and takes advantage of all of the space available. But it is so much more than just closets! Peggy and The Closet Factory handle any kind of storage needed or desired; pantries, garages, home offices, media centers, bookshelves, wall units, and Murphy Wallbeds.

About the 2012 Design House

With Design House, SHE hopes to offer a tangible reminder of the home we would wish for each person in our community: a haven of love and laughter, free from fear and violence. No matter how different the structures of our dwellings may be, surely they can all share that quality at heart, because peace on earth begins at home.

In its inaugural year, Design House brought together 17 designers to transform a contemporary Ednam Forest house. Design House 2011 was extended to two weeks and offered additional special events as well as a small café. Over 20 designers and many more vendors and suppliers, as well as significant contributors, combined their creative visions and donations or loans of paint, tile, rugs and furnishings. The results brought an appreciative stream of visitors.

The Design House Leadership Committee, designers, local businesses, financial sponsors, and donors of in-kind services are once again volunteering their time, talents, goods, and monies to raise funds to support the important work of the Shelter and create a home tour designed to inspire not only ideas but also hope and tranquility.

Read the full press release. Design_House_2012_announces_designers

Open for tours May 5-20, 2012. Tickets on sale in April – Get ticket information.

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