Back to School Organization

Child's deskWith school less than a week away it’s time for you to help your child get organized. Kick off the school year right with these 5 back to school organization tips:

Choose a communication station in your home to display a family calendar. Have each family member update as activities arise so everyone’s schedule is readily available. Remember to encourage everyone to check it daily.

Keep or donate. Since you’re child got new clothes and shoes for the school year, donate the gently used clothes they’ve outgrown. Sort through items along with your child and discuss what should be kept and what should be donated.

Prepare the night before. Along with your child, pick out and iron clothes, pack bookbags, make lunches and discuss the next day’s schedule.Child's backpack and file folder

Create a file. Help your children file their graded school work and handouts in designated folders. Color code by subject to make retrieval easy.

Prepare a study area. Allow your child to pick out an appropriate study area you both agree on. Outfit it with an adequate amount of workspace and supplies to limit distractions. Also, designate a time to complete all studying and homework daily.

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