Beyond The Closet

At Closet Factory of Richmond, we are experts in closet systems, but we are more than that. We are the authority in personal storage solutions. Whatever you want to organize, we can come up with an organization system that’s right for you. It’s that simple.

In addition to closet organization, here’s a list of some projects that we can build for you:

Gardener’s Storage Area – If you love to garden, you can keep all of your gardening tools and equipment in one place. With a wide counter and a deep sink, you can pot small plants with all of your tools within easy reach.

Mudroom Entry – Finally you can have a place to store backpacks, briefcases, lunchboxes and all those extra jackets and shoes. An organization system at your door will keep everyone from forgetting things when they leave the house.

Exercise and Fitness Storage – Have your own personal health and fitness area. Store exercise tapes as well as various pieces of exercise equipment. Install a small refrigerator to always have cold water on hand.

Arts & Crafts Cabinet – Do you love to paint? Are you an avid scrapbooking fan? Is knitting your thing?  Keep up with all of your paints and craft supplies in one central place.

Snack Station – Keep the traffic out of the kitchen and close to the entertainment room. Provide a snack area with a microwave, refrigerator and cabinet full of various snacking options near the television and gaming area.

Contact Closet Factory of Richmond and let us help you organize your home and your life.


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