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Client Showcase – Pantry Profile

July 8th, 2011

Summer is in full swing and I bet your kitchen pantry door is swinging open all day long. Closet Factory designer, Sue Pike, recently helped one busy family redesign their pantry to handle all the extra traffic and functions that the summer holiday and a big family seem to create.

While a kitchen pantry receives heavy traffic throughout the year, during the summer an unorganized and inefficient pantry design can put a strain on summer fun and entertaining. After a personal consultation with her client to understand the existing challenge and the client’s need for organization in the kitchen, Sue talked about her client’s objective for a new pantry design. “With the kids out of school and endless “snack” visits, outdoor barbeques, extra coolers to pack for the pool, summer picnics and entertaining, along with the everyday cooking – this family needed an organized pantry.”

Sue was able to create a space that kept not only pantry staples and snacks close at hand, but also vital kitchen equipment within easy reach. An organized pantry makes life easier for the entire family from the family chef down to the littlest sous chef.

Pantry design features include:
Beautiful cherry finish to match the kitchen
Adjustable shelving
Sliding snack baskets
Shelf dividers
Appliance sections

Closet Factory of Richmond can create the perfect pantry for your family. From pull out shelves to wine racks to customized shelves for kitchen appliances, our custom built designs are as unique as you are.

Get organized today the Closet Factory way.




The Closet Factory Consultation

July 6th, 2011

Have you often dreamed of having perfectly organized closets? Have you thought about how much easier your life could be if you could only get organized? Talk to a Closet Factory designer and see how easy it is to start getting organized. Our custom designed organization systems can help you organize your entire home.  Choose from a large variety of closet design options for walk-in closets, garage cabinets, kitchen pantries, home office cabinets, entertainment centers, hobby centers, and more.

During your free Closet Factory consultation, one of our trained design professionals will meet with you in your home and explain our entire design and installation process. At that time, we will view your existing space and get an understanding of your style and budget requirements. Together, we will discuss topics such as:

What is your biggest frustration with your existing space?
What do you hope to accomplish with your new closet system?
What do like or dislike most about your current closet?
Is your preferred style classic or casual?
What variety of items do you want to store together?
Do you want more hanging space, shelf space, or possibly both?
Do you wish to display items, if so, which ones?

At Closet Factory of Richmond, we know that choosing the right closet design for your home is an important decision. Our team of designers are trained and informed on all the current industry trends, so we can provide you with the best selection of materials, color choices, and accessories that meet your aesthetic and functionality needs. Since each closet is uniquely designed for each client, we can build the perfect closet for your storage needs. Call us today and let us show you the Closet Factory difference.



Client Showcase – The Grow With Me Closet

July 1st, 2011

At Closet Factory, we specialize in creating and custom building closets that meet the storage needs of our clients. Our closets are designed to not only meet your current storage needs but to keep you organized for years to come.

The perfect example is a child’s closet. When given the challenge of organizing your child’s closet, we make sure that the closet can grow with the changing needs of your child. In fact, our closets are fully adjustable to meet the needs of growing children with simple adjustments that anyone can make.

Many years ago, Closet Factory designer, Sue Pike, transformed a very small and inefficient closet for a young girl. Fast forward years later and now she’s a teenager and you can see how the space has not only adapted to her larger size clothing, but has easily accommodated her rapidly growing inventory as well. (Pictures: top left: before / top right: after / bottom left: child’s closet / bottom right: teenager’s closet)

Design features include:

White melamine construction
Adjustable rods
Open shelving
Closet drawers
Velvet lined jewelry drawer

Closet Factory of Richmond creates storage solutions that will keep you organized now and will continue to work for you for years. So, in the words of designer, Sue Pike, “When thinking of making lasting improvements to your home and life, think the Closet Factory difference!”


Collecting and Storing Wine

June 29th, 2011

Collecting wine has become a hobby for many people. You can start a nice wine collection with as little as a few hundred dollars. The perfect wine collection has an assortment of everyday wines as well as fancier wines. White wines, red wines and champagne should be part of your collection.

Read books on wine and subscribe to a wine magazine; part of collecting wine is about learning also. In the beginning, purchase wine from different sources until you establish a relationship with one or two trusted wine experts. Online merchants, wine clubs and your local retailer can provide valuable advice in selecting wines.

Start your collection with a case of white wine and a case of red. White wines are known for their refreshing light taste and are enjoyed the most during warm weather seasons when the food is not as heavy laden with sauces and spices. Red wines come in different varieties and are often classified as light-bodied, medium-bodied or full-bodied. No wine collection is complete without champagne. The most versatile category of wine, champagne can be served with anything and is perfect to serve for celebratory events.

Add some fancier, more exclusive bottles of wine for special occasions. Wine varieties such as bordeaux, burgundy, and German riesling are great choices. Also, splurge on one or two exceptional bottles of wine. You can get a truly magnificent bottle of wine starting around $90. Consult with a sommelier who can help you choose.

Once you have started purchasing wine for your collection, you will need to consider storage. There is a reason that wine has been stored in wine caves and underground cellars for hundreds of years – the cool, dark, and humid conditions are perfect. There are a few key points to keep in mind when storing your wine that will offer the best chance for protection and optimal aging.

The optimal temperature for your wine storage is around 55°F. It is important to have consistent temperatures as fluctuations in temperature are bad for wine. Humidity is another factor to consider; the ideal humidity is between 65-75%. Keep your wine away from direct light. This can result in premature aging and that will have a significant impact on the wine’s flavor.

It is best to store your wine on its side. This will keep the cork moist, which should keep the cork from shrinking and allowing oxygen to seep into the bottle. When wine is mixed with oxygen it starts to oxidize and the aroma and flavor start to change and spoil the wine.

Creating a designated space to store and show your wine collection is essential in preserving your collection. You don’t need an underground cellar to store your wine, just a little area in the corner of an existing room will do. Wine racks and cabinets are designed to protect your bottles from direct light. A wine refrigerator is a great addition to your storage area and keeps wine at the perfect temperature ready for serving. Also available are temperature controlled cabinets that come in a variety of sizes that can safely store your wine collection.

Closet Factory of Richmond can build the perfect storage area for your wine. Whether you have a closet, a room corner, or a designated wine room, we can create a unique storage area that will showcase your wine collection.


Client Showcase – The Mud Room & Message Center

June 24th, 2011

Creating a transitional space to keep a busy family organized can be a challenge. Randy Hinman, Closet Factory designer, recently designed a mud room with a message center that will keep his client’s family both organized and informed.

Not only does this mud room accommodate coats, hats, shoes, and backpacks, it also has designated space for school papers, the family calendar and a message board.

Design features include:

White melamine material
Cubbies for shoes
Lower section for young children’s backpacks and coat
Adjustable shelves for school papers
Open area for calendar and tack board
Upper area with cabinet doors

Closet Factory of Richmond specializes in solving organizational challenges that meet the individual storage needs of individual clients. Because every closet is uniquely designed and built for every client, we can create the perfect solution for your storage needs that fits your busy lifestyle.

Make an appointment with a Closet Factory designer today or stop by our showroom and let us help you organize your home and your life.

Showroom Address:

8162-C Elm Drive
Mechanicsville, VA 23111




Organizing Your Shoe Collection

June 22nd, 2011

Do you have a weakness for Jimmy Choo? Does your closet look like the who’s who of shoe designers: Kate Spade, Prada, Manolo Blahnik, and Cole Haan? If the shoes in your closet are getting a little out of control, it’s time to get organized! Whether you own 30 pairs of shoes or 300 pairs, organizing your shoes will definitely save you time getting dressed and ready for the day.  Closet Factory of Richmond has a few tips for organizing your shoe collection.

Gather all your shoes together in one place. Be sure to check all around the house and under the bed. Next, sort your shoes. There are multiple way to sort your shoes: by color, by season, by frequency of use, even by favorite to least favorite. After all, it is your closet; organize it the way you want. For ladies’ shoes, you can organize your dress shoes by the height of heel as well as separating open toe shoes from closed toe. If you have a large collection of shoes that cannot be stored in one location, then organizing your shoes by season makes the most sense.

Discard shoes that are broken and cannot be repaired. Donate shoes that you don’t wear any more and don’t like to Goodwill or your local thrift shop. If you have shoes that need to be repaired this is a great time to do it. Set them aside so you won’t forget.

If you have a storage challenge for your shoes, and other closet items, call Closet Factory of Richmond. We are the experts in storage solutions that fit your lifestyle. Whether you want shoe cubbies, shoe racks, or slanted shoe shelves, we can design the perfect solution for your shoes and your entire closet.

Client Showcase – The Woman Cave

June 17th, 2011

Sue Pike, Closet Factory designer, recently had a client come to her that wanted a dressing room, but not an ordinary dressing room. She wanted a private, quiet space to relax and enjoy her favorite possessions – a woman’s cave?

Having a spare room and 2 inner closets to work with, Sue designed the inner closets to function at their best with lots of adjustable rods and shelves to help her client’s petite frame reach everything and get the most hanging and shoe storage possible.

Then, in the spare room she designed a beautiful armoire with design features such as sand blasted glass doors, raised panel drawers, and crown and base molding that would store special scarves, sweaters and accessories.

On the opposite wall, a large canopy style bookcase unit with upper double layer crown and pull-out shelves was designed around the loveseat to hold collectibles and give her client a special place to relax.

At Closet Factory of Richmond, we know that no two people use their closets the same way, so we meet with our clients and understand what their needs are before we build anything. There are no prefabricated pieces to our closets; every part is custom made. We specialize in custom organization solutions that meet the storage needs of our clients while expressing their personality and style.


Get Organized! Cleaning Out The Garage

June 15th, 2011

So you have pretty much run out of excuses – it is time to organize the garage. Has it become the catch-all for everything that you don’t know what to do with? If your car no longer fits inside, it is time to get your garage cleaned out.

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), fifty percent of American homeowners surveyed admitted that their garage is disorganized and many even said it was “messiest room” in their house. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you incorporate some smart storage ideas, you can have a place for storage and a place for your car too.

The first thing to do is to take a quick inventory of what is actually in your garage. Decide what to keep and what to get rid of. You probably have items that are broken or just never used any more taking up space. Donate what you don’t want that is still usable or consider having a yard sale. This is a great way to earn extra cash while clearing out the clutter.

For those items you choose to keep, group them into categories – examples include sports equipment, gardening tools, car care products, painting supplies, and household tools to name a few. Remember that as you organize your garage, keep your frequently used items in a convenient place. This will give you easy access to these items when you need them and it will make them easy to put away when you are finished.

For the ultimate in organization, call Closet Factory of Richmond. We can help you create the garage of your dreams. Our designer will work with you to choose the perfect combination of closed cabinets, open shelves and hooks that will offer custom storage solutions designed around your needs.

Specialized storage units can help you organize everything while making it easy to store your sports equipment and even your gardening tools. Keep everything in one place makes it easy for family members to find things when they need them. A well organized garage should not only look good, but should make your life easier. Call Closet Factory of Richmond today at 804-559-0001.


Client Showcase – The Father’s Day Closet

June 10th, 2011

Your “Dad” works hard all week long – does his closet “work” for him?  Celebrate Father’s Day this year with a closet for Dad that he deserves.

Closet Factory designer, Sue Pike, says “Getting ready in the morning should not be work but pleasure!”   She has designed the perfect closet for the hard working man. This closet provides her client with not only the organization that he needs to get ready every morning, but also offers him adequate space for his special clothes, shoes, belts, and ties that make him look and feel good for his long work days.


One of the challenges was to create space for the client’s large collection of belts (totaling close to 100). Sue designed numerous sliding belt racks along with a custom Lucite divided belt drawer for those belts that had buckles too large to hang. His tie collection was stored on sliding tie racks in the wild cherry woodgrain and the hardware chosen was beautiful satin brass for the round rods and pulls. This organized closet system makes it easy for this client to dress for success.

Design features include:

Wild cherry woodgrain construction
Stained wood raised panel drawer and door fronts
Wood details including fluting, rosettes, crown dentil molding and base molding
Sand blasted glass inserts on doors
Solid slanted shoe shelves
Security safe cabinet on a sliding pull-out shelf
Pull-out trays for sweaters
Upper cabinets for hats and accessories

Let Closet Factory design the perfect closet for you. We offer affordable organization solutions customized for each of our clients. Your Closet Factory experience starts with a consultation designed to focus on your current storage challenge. And because we realize that every person uses their closet differently, we don’t build your closet until we see how you live and what you need. It’s what makes Closet Factory of Richmond the perfect choice for your new closet.


It’s All In The Details

June 8th, 2011

When Closet Factory of Richmond builds a closet, we start with the client first. Our unique concept of building individual closets for individual clients is what sets us apart from the competition.

Because we understand that different people use their closet differently, we don’t build your closet until we have met with you and seen the organizational challenges that you face. After your personalized design consultation, we get to work designing the perfect closet that fits your needs and matches your personality and your budget.

You choose the details that make your closet your own – from shelf dividers to valet rods to cloth lined jewelry drawers. See some of the detail options available to you:

Decorative hardware
Unique closet finishes, including “green” materials
Decorative detail – furniture legs and feet
Glass and mirrors
Stylish edges
Specialized lighting

Let Closet Factory of Richmond design the perfect closet perfectly for you.