Client Showcase – The Garage Make-Over

As a senior designer for Closet Factory of Richmond, Sue Pike understands the challenge active families have of getting organized. She recently helped a family organize their garage after years of living with the classic garage clutter. Because the garage is the dumping ground for everything going in and coming out of the house, organization in this one area can have a huge impact on keeping the entire family organized.

Sue says the reasons to organize your garage are many. “You will open the garage door and immediately feel the sense of order, cleanliness, and organization that you want to end your day or begin your weekend with. You will spend time doing the fun and relaxing things that you enjoy because everything is now in its place and easily accessed and inventoried.”

The design elements of this garage make-over include:

Classic White Melamine with 3mm edgebanding
Covered garage base and trim molding
Extruded Aluminum door handles
Ebony Fusion laminate countertops
Full extension drawers
White Slat Wall and accessories

Customize your garage to store and organize what matters to your family. If you want his and hers tool closets, we can build it. If you want storage for your vintage car parts, we can handle it. If you want a gardening station with sink, we can make it. Because all of our organization systems are designed for each client, you get exactly what your family wants. Unique organizational solutions for unique people.


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