Client Showcase – The Grow With Me Closet

At Closet Factory, we specialize in creating and custom building closets that meet the storage needs of our clients. Our closets are designed to not only meet your current storage needs but to keep you organized for years to come.

The perfect example is a child’s closet. When given the challenge of organizing your child’s closet, we make sure that the closet can grow with the changing needs of your child. In fact, our closets are fully adjustable to meet the needs of growing children with simple adjustments that anyone can make.

Many years ago, Closet Factory designer, Sue Pike, transformed a very small and inefficient closet for a young girl. Fast forward years later and now she’s a teenager and you can see how the space has not only adapted to her larger size clothing, but has easily accommodated her rapidly growing inventory as well. (Pictures: top left: before / top right: after / bottom left: child’s closet / bottom right: teenager’s closet)

Design features include:

White melamine construction
Adjustable rods
Open shelving
Closet drawers
Velvet lined jewelry drawer

Closet Factory of Richmond creates storage solutions that will keep you organized now and will continue to work for you for years. So, in the words of designer, Sue Pike, “When thinking of making lasting improvements to your home and life, think the Closet Factory difference!”


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