Client Showcase: The Moten’s New Closet

Recently, Closet Factory design consultant, Sue Pike, was given a challenge from one of her clients to transform an awkward closet space into an organized closet with lots of storage without skimping on style.

Sue said “My neighbors came to me for answers on how to make better use of their very challenging closet space.  They had a long, narrow closet with an attic stairway on one side, a 14 foot high ceiling and lots of clothes! They also had a keen sense of style and wanted a rich and contemporary look.”

Sue took advantage of the ceiling height and used it for storing and accessing the clients’ hanging clothes.  She created multiple sections of triple hanging units along with the use of wardrobe lifts so that all levels of the closet were easily accessible.  Closet Factory of Richmond specializes in customizing closets while working around existing space challenges.

The design features of the closet include a mocha woodgrain closet with full backing, solid slanted shoe shelves, chrome accessories, and under the stairway drawers.

Just like the Moten Family, you can create the closet of your dreams. Call Closet Factory of Richmond today at 804-559-0001 or 800-474-3776.










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