Closet Factory and The SHE Design House

The Closet Factory of Richmond recently designed the mudroom for the 2nd Annual SHE Design House in Charlottesville held in May. The SHE Design House fundraising event was created in 2010 to support the Shelter For Help In Emergency. This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end domestic violence in the Charlottesville community.

Today’s families are challenged daily with how to stay organized in their busy lifestyles. The mudroom is a great example – it’s the small space where everything going in the door and out the door seems to land. It holds a myriad of stuff that has no real place – shoes, umbrellas, sports equipment, gloves, backpacks, briefcases and even the mail.

Closet Factory designer, Peggy Woodall, knew that the challenge for designing the mudroom for the SHE 2011 Design House would be to offer an organized space for a family that can keep all members of the family organized coming and going. This reduces the opportunity for items to be forgotten or lost.

This space has something for every member of the family. A built in seat for taking off shoes or putting on boots; hooks for coats, backpacks or sports equipment.

There are built-in shelves with baskets to store those little items that get lost such as gloves, cell phone chargers and water bottles.

Large drawers open up below the bench to store extra stuff or to create a recycling center with drawer dividers to separate plastics from glass. The possibilities are endless.

We realize that a family’s organization needs are different and we understand that every person utilizes their closets differently, so we offer affordable organization solutions customized for each and every client. Let Closet Factory of Richmond help you organize your closets.

Click here for more information about the Shelter for Help In Emergency and ways in which you can help.



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