Collecting and Storing Wine

Collecting wine has become a hobby for many people. You can start a nice wine collection with as little as a few hundred dollars. The perfect wine collection has an assortment of everyday wines as well as fancier wines. White wines, red wines and champagne should be part of your collection.

Read books on wine and subscribe to a wine magazine; part of collecting wine is about learning also. In the beginning, purchase wine from different sources until you establish a relationship with one or two trusted wine experts. Online merchants, wine clubs and your local retailer can provide valuable advice in selecting wines.

Start your collection with a case of white wine and a case of red. White wines are known for their refreshing light taste and are enjoyed the most during warm weather seasons when the food is not as heavy laden with sauces and spices. Red wines come in different varieties and are often classified as light-bodied, medium-bodied or full-bodied. No wine collection is complete without champagne. The most versatile category of wine, champagne can be served with anything and is perfect to serve for celebratory events.

Add some fancier, more exclusive bottles of wine for special occasions. Wine varieties such as bordeaux, burgundy, and German riesling are great choices. Also, splurge on one or two exceptional bottles of wine. You can get a truly magnificent bottle of wine starting around $90. Consult with a sommelier who can help you choose.

Once you have started purchasing wine for your collection, you will need to consider storage. There is a reason that wine has been stored in wine caves and underground cellars for hundreds of years – the cool, dark, and humid conditions are perfect. There are a few key points to keep in mind when storing your wine that will offer the best chance for protection and optimal aging.

The optimal temperature for your wine storage is around 55°F. It is important to have consistent temperatures as fluctuations in temperature are bad for wine. Humidity is another factor to consider; the ideal humidity is between 65-75%. Keep your wine away from direct light. This can result in premature aging and that will have a significant impact on the wine’s flavor.

It is best to store your wine on its side. This will keep the cork moist, which should keep the cork from shrinking and allowing oxygen to seep into the bottle. When wine is mixed with oxygen it starts to oxidize and the aroma and flavor start to change and spoil the wine.

Creating a designated space to store and show your wine collection is essential in preserving your collection. You don’t need an underground cellar to store your wine, just a little area in the corner of an existing room will do. Wine racks and cabinets are designed to protect your bottles from direct light. A wine refrigerator is a great addition to your storage area and keeps wine at the perfect temperature ready for serving. Also available are temperature controlled cabinets that come in a variety of sizes that can safely store your wine collection.

Closet Factory of Richmond can build the perfect storage area for your wine. Whether you have a closet, a room corner, or a designated wine room, we can create a unique storage area that will showcase your wine collection.


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