Easy Coupon Organization

Clipped coupons and fileFirst you write out your grocery list, then you clip coupons to save money, then you go shopping and forget them or let them expire. Does this routine sound familiar? We have all experienced the let down of forgetting where we put coupons or letting them expire. You intend to save money by clipping coupons, but organizing them will allow you to actually save the money. Follow the ever-so-simple purge, sort, store, maintain method and start saving money.

  1. Purge. Go through all your clipped coupons and throw away any that have already expired.
  2. Sort. Now that you have only redeemable coupons sort them by expiration date, item type or both.
  3. Store. Place all your coupons together in a product of your choice. An expandable file, index card box, or binder will keep things neat and separated.
  4. Maintain. As soon as you clip a coupon place it in the file and once a month shuffle through and throw away any that have  expired.

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