Elements of a Great Entertainment Room

You can turn your den or family room into the perfect place to unwind and relax. Have you always wanted the ultimate television room, but don’t know how to set it up? What equipment do you need? There are three components to setting up your perfect room: the equipment, the storage cabinet and the furnishings. Each has a big impact on creating the perfect home theater experience.

The Equipment
The centerpiece of every entertainment room is the television. Large screen? Definitely. Buy the biggest screen television that you can afford and that fits proportionately into the room. Determine what type of television you want: 3-D, LCD or plasma. Talk to an electronics expert and be up front about your preferences and your budget.

After the television purchase, you need to add the sound system. The audio setup is important to having the best sound quality possible. True surround sound is a must in creating your home entertainment center. Any other set up will not recreate the cinema experience you are looking for. You will also need a dvd player. Most people opt for the blue-ray player; you should also. Don’t forget the game console to round out your entertainment equipment.

The Storage Cabinet
For the ideal in organization, invest in an entertainment cabinet. Closet Factory of Richmond can design the perfect entertainment center that will accommodate your television and equipment along with storage for dvd’s, music and even your collection of vintage albums. Whatever you need to relax, we can build it for you. Don’t spend all the money on the equipment and then not have any place to organize it properly. For the ultimate experience, consider adding a snack station close by so that drinks and popcorn are always close at hand.

The Furnishings
Now that you have all of your equipment set up, your home theater experience is not complete without the proper furnishings. Install shades or window treatments that create a dark theater atmosphere. Comfortable furniture is a must. Couches, chaise lounges and recliners offer great seating options. Large end tables and coffee tables will provide a great place for your beverages and snacks.

What’s next? Now, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.



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