Everyday Organization

Organized living areaHome disorganization is often a result of living a busy life and not dealing with things on a daily basis. You probably can’t make your life less any busy, but you tackle certain tasks daily to lessen the load for the week.

  • Mail: File, shred, or discard given items of mail as soon as they enter your home.
  • Personal Items: Place keys, wallets, cellphones, sunglasses and other items in the same place everyday so you will always know where to locate them.
  • Quick Cleaning: Designate a given hour for a timed pick up where everyone is your family helps dispel of the day’s clutter.
  • School Stuff: Schedule a time with your child to file their papers and help with homework. Then get them to help pick out their clothes, pack backpacks and lunches for the next day.

Dealing with these tasks on a daily basis will reduce the overall disorganization of your home and help it from spiraling out of control.

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