Listed below are answers to the questions most frequently asked of Closet Factory.

What do you make besides closets?
We can organize any space in your home. Our products include closets, home offices, entertainment centers, garages, bookshelves, pantries and more! If you have a space that needs help, we are the company to call.

How much do your closets cost?
Because our closets are so customized, the cost depends on what you choose. You are able to fully control the cost to fit your budget. We are happy to send a Design Consultant to your home for a free consultation. Once your design is completed, we will be able to provide you the total installed cost.

How experienced are your designers?
Our Design Consultants are well-trained professionals. In addition to their previous experience, they complete a thorough Closet Factory designer training program when they are hired. They also attend our continuous training and review sessions during each month. They are constantly updated with what is new and innovative.

How long is the initial appointment?
A consultation with a Designer lasts usually 1 to 2 hours. During that time the Design Consultant will show you all of our products, an actual model of a closet, photographs of work that we have done and samples of the materials and finishes. The Design Consultant will take a complete inventory of the items you want to store in that area and, working with you, design the perfect system to meet your needs and desires.

May I fax my designs and get a price quote?
Yes, you can fax your designs and we’ll give you a quote. However, it may be better if we send a Design Consultant to your home to check your design and offer suggestions that may improve it. This visit is without fee or obligation.

Do you have financing available?
A variety of financing programs are available. Your Design Consultant will provide full details. You may select the one best for you.

May I pay by credit card?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may also pay by personal check, cash or choose one of our financing options.

How long after the appointment can we get an installation?
The average time is 10 days to 2 weeks. Sometimes it is longer if the project is more complex or if finishing is required. However, if you are having a “closet crisis” and need to have it done immediately, we will do our best to install it sooner.

Do you attach the unit to the wall?
Although our units are free-standing, we do attach our closets to the wall. This allows us to use the wall, instead of backing to provide the required structural rigidity.

How long will it take to install my system?
The average system can be installed in one day. Larger orders may take longer. Our Installers are thoroughly trained and courteous. When done, the unit will be clean and ready to use.

Do you go in before or after new carpeting is installed?
We can install our systems before or after the new carpet is installed. It makes no difference in the functionality or appearance. We can also install over your existing carpet.

What kind of wood do you use?
Because we are a truly custom manufacturer, we can use any wood material. To insure the best result we prefer a board material that is dimensionally stable and does not warp or crack. We normally use industrial grade particleboard as a substrate. The finish is melamine or wood veneer.

How does particleboard compare with solid wood?
Particleboard is one of the best substrates. Unlike solid wood, it is dimensionally stable and does not warp or crack. The surface is finished with wood veneer or melamine in solid or wood tones. The resulting system is both functional as well as beautiful.

Do you put backing on your systems?
In closets backing is not needed for the structure or support because our systems are attached to the wall. If used, it is only for aesthetic purposes. Backing hides any imperfections in the wall and eliminates the need to paint the inside of the closet. Free-standing systems, e.g. entertainment centers and offices, use backing to provide structural rigidity. Backing is offered in a number of colors and finishes to match your system.

What is better, wooden or metal garment rods?
Metal rods are stronger and more durable than wood. The best are chrome or brass plated oval rods, which are specifically designed for custom closet applications. Our rods are adjustable to accommodate clothes of any style or length.

How can I tell if a drawer is custom made?
Drawers should be designed to fit your needs to maximize their usefulness and space in your closet. Closet Factory makes drawers any width. This ensures that the drawers are built around you and your specific needs. 

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