Features of A Great Closet

Have you always dreamed of having the perfect walk in closet? A room that could house all of your clothes plus your many accessories? At Closet Factory of Richmond, we know that everyone uses their closet differently which is why we build custom closets that cater to the individual storage needs of our clients.

When thinking about designing your dream closet, there are some features that you will want to consider:

Maximizing Vertical Space – A good closet design will not waste one inch of space. If you live in a home with tall ceilings, make sure your closet takes advantage of your vertical space with hanging rods for out of season clothes or shelves for storage.

Seating – Add a chair or bench to your closet. It’s a great place to sit while putting on or taking off your shoes or just contemplating what to wear for the day.

Jewelry Drawer – A drawer designed to house your jewelry is a great feature. Jewelry drawers are typically velvet or felt lined and come with the option of adding a security lock.

Other Features:

Good Lighting – Since most closets lack natural lighting, they are often poorly lit. Pay attention to the lighting in your closet. Install recessed lighting or even a small chandelier that can provide bright light. You want to make sure you can see what you are putting on!

Ironing Board – This is the ultimate in efficiency. With a pull-out ironing board closet feature, your iron is right at your fingertips making it easy to touch up your shirt or tackle your basket of wrinkled clothes.


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