Five Benefits of A Murphy Wall Bed

Are you always looking for ways to make your home more efficient for your lifestyle? An easy way to make your home a little more efficient is to create the feeling of spaciousness throughout your home. You can create additional space in an office or sitting room with the use of a Murphy Bed.

Often overlooked as another sleeping option for your home, a Murphy bed offers additional sleeping space when you need it and disappears when you don’t need it.

At Closet Factory, we know the benefits of owning a Murphy wall bed.  Here are five great reasons:

1.  Space saving- Because Murphy Beds fold up into the wall they free up floor space which can then be used for other things.

2.  Easy to use- Created with superb craftsmanship Murphy Beds are extremely easy to bring down and fold up into the wall. No extreme strength or additional tools are needed.

3.  Blend with decor- With the wide selection of styles and finishes Murphy Beds will blend seamless with any design scheme in your home.

4.  Create multifunctional space- The addition of a Murphy Bed allows you to create a sleeping space when needed, or any other space within seconds.

5.  Create efficiency within your home- Since Murphy wall beds allow you to free up space you are able to do more things within the space of your home.

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