Get Organized! Organize Your Filing System

A place for everything and everything in its place
Isabella Mary Beeton, The Book of Household Management, 1861

The concept of organization is not new, but the challenge seems to span the ages. Creating organization out of chaos will not only reduce the stress in your life, but actually free up some of your time throughout the day. Take for instance, paperwork. Are you afraid to discard paperwork? Are you afraid you might need it later? The purpose of filing is to store information that you have easy access to when you need it. Getting organized is not difficult, it simply requires that you have a designated place for everything, and that you put things where they belong immediately.

Here are some steps to help you get organized:

1. The first rule to organizing is that you should eliminate all unnecessary items before trying to organize and create your filing system. Throw out what you do not need to keep.

2. Create a space to organize your filing. Ask yourself these questions: Who will use the files? When will it be used? What space is available for storage? Is security a factor?

Talk to a Closet Factory designer about organizing your space and creating a personalized filing system. We can help you choose fixtures for holding your files. Depending on space, you may choose wall storage units or file racks built into cabinet drawers. We build custom, organization solutions that work for you.  Because we know that every person uses their closet differently, our designers don’t build a thing until they see how you live and what you need.

2. Find a simple filing system that works for you. Here are some suggestions:

By Subject

3. Don’t let things sit around; file everything immediately.

4. Plan for filing and storing other items. Photographs, product samples, and your child’s art work are examples of items that don’t readily fit into file folders. Other ways to store such items include:

Closed Boxes that can be stacked and filed on shelves
Open baskets
Drawers with dividers

We take a unique approach to custom organization solutions. Most other companies will measure your space and install pre-fabricated parts they’ve built hundreds of times before.  At Closet Factory, we do not call this custom; we create individual solutions for individual storage needs. Let Closet Factory of Richmond help you get organized. Do you have a room to convert to an at-home office or can you dedicate a corner of one room? Either way, we can create a space that will organize your paperwork and make filing easy for you. Whether you are organizing bills, work files, photographs, or your child’s artwork, we have a solution for you.



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