How To Clean Up Quickly Before The Sweet Sixteen

Is your house ready for Friday night Hoopstown, U.S.A.? Or are you not even sure what Hoopstown is?

If for some reason you’ve been disconnected from the world, there are two teams from Richmond in the Sweet Sixteen. University of Richmond the No. 12 seed  will take on No. 1 seed Kansas, while No. 11 seed Virginia Commonwealth University plays No.10 seed Florida State University Friday for a spot in the Elite 8.

If you are planning a Sweet Sixteen party after you get off work Friday we want to share a few tips on how you can clean up and get organized before your guest begin arriving.

1. First impressions: Walk outside then walk back in. What do you see? A messy entryway? Couch cushions all asunder? Focus on what your guests will see first and pick up those areas which will set the tone for a clean house.

2. Where will they be spending their time? Focus on that room next. Don’t worry about putting everything in the exact right spot (which goes against good organizational advice)—if you have a drawer you use for shoving things out of the way, then use it now and go back and organize it later.

3. Check the bathroom: The other room your guests will probably want to use is the restroom, so wipe down the sink and toilet quickly with disinfectant wipes, close the shower curtain, wipe down the mirror and make sure the towels are folded and there’s hand soap nearby.

4. Make it smell good: Spray a natural cleaner in the corners of your home to make your entire house smell good.

5. Relax: You don’t want to be out of breath as soon as your guests arrive.  Do the above steps, sweep the floor if you have the time, change the channel, and get ready to cheer on the Rams or Spiders!

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