Laundry Room Bliss

Designer Cathy Hughes just installed this beautiful new custom organized Laundry Room solution.

Reversed Washer and Dryer - Creating new found counter space

Many Closet Factory solutions are born by asking a simple question.

What truly do you want your space to be able to do?

In this case Melinda was frustrated by the lack of space due to several obstacles, especially the location of the washer and dryer. Originally, the counter top was across the back wall, under the window with a huge sink in the middle. The left cabinets were difficult to access with the dryer in front of them coupled with the large sink, left very little counter space.

Cathy designed a one of a kind custom organizers dream solution. She started by reversing the washer and dryer which allowed a counter top over the washer. As well, she faced the cabinets toward the opposite wall thus creating additional room to put a unit on the opposite wall. More counter space! Finally, she included pull out shelves for even more space for folding and temporary storage, two drawers for whatever is needed items, and pull out trays and baskets for dirty laundry.

The client, Melinda is thrilled with her new space. Not only did Cathy create double the storage capacity, but everything is much more accessible. As a bonus also a small hanging section and valet rod was added to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer.

Another glorious organized day from the custom organizers at Closet Factory.

New found counter and storage space - the Closet Factory way

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