Manage Your Time, Organize Your Home

Do you have a problem with time management as well as home organization? If so, this is probably because being organized directly relates to time management. If managing time is a constant struggle for you then you probably have a hard time blocking off time to clean up. If traditional methods such as making lists or attempting to time yourself have proven to be unsuccessful then you should consider merging the two.

The innovative designers at Wonjune Son have integrated a clock and diary together creating the Watch Diary. The Watch Diary is the perfect way to keep organized throughout the day. The diary is filled with ordinary blank pages, however there is a display in the middle of each page that displays the current time. With the Watch Diary you can efficiently plan out and organize your day because you have no choice but to mindful of the time. Although simple, the design of the Watch Diary could be very helpful with time management and in turn becoming organized. What do you think?

watch diarywatch diaryImages from freshome

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