More Shoes than Closet Space?

closet factory Richmond closetDo you live with someone that hasn’t found a pair of shoes they don’t like, worse yet that they don’t own?  Well welcome to my world.  Not long ago I realized that miraculously shoes multiply in the dark, they must because there’s no other way to explain it.  In the morning when I go get my shoes for the day I notice that they are intermingled with my wife’s shoes.  Slowly but surely I noticed they were taking over all the floor space in our closet.  So as I looked one morning I thought to myself, if I can separate the male shoes from the female shoes I just might get my closet back (well at least my corner).  That is when we put in shoe shelves (actually the whole closet) so I could stop the multiplication (or at least slow it down). If the shoes or even clothes in your closet seem to be multiplying give us a call today here at Closet Factory Richmond so we can begin creating a custom closet solution for you to help slow down the multiplication!


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