The home office can be a desk in the kitchen, a small area in the family room or a separate room designated for working from home.   Whatever your preference, we have the design and expertise to create the work space you need.  Closet Factory’s home office designers are experts in solving your office organizer dilemma.   We will analyze your needs, measure your space, and inventory your equipment.  You want to make your work space as efficient as possible. Your files should be within reach and your computer, printer and cables positioned so they don’t interfere with the task at hand. Bookshelves, drawers, cabinets and storage areas should all fit nicely into your room and look great at the same time. We work with you to gain a real understanding of how you really like to work. We will then create a home office design that is perfect for you.

You are never limited to predetermined dimensions or colors with Closet Factory’s custom home office cabinetry. You choose the style, finish and materials from our wide assortment of melamines, laminates and veneers. Your home office can be as casual or formal as you are.  You can choose any custom color paint or stain applied to our real wood veneers and solid wood doors.

Your home office design is created expressly to accommodate your personal style while simultaneously solving your organizational challenges.  After you have made your choices, we will custom manufacture your design to your exact specifications using our state-of-the-art machinery.  We will install
your new Closet Factory office system on a day that works for you.

Your new home office will set the tone for getting things accomplished. 
Now let’s get to work!

Our Mission

We will exceed our customer's expectation through a united commitment to understanding their needs.

We will provide Complete Client Care that will result in every client's eagerness to refer Closet Factory to their
family and friends.