One Wall Hole – One Custom Organized Entertainment Center

Original Wall Hole

Customer: Robert, Richmond Va.

Challenge: Sr. Closet Factory Designer Tom Ahl faced an interesting space as he walked into a recent living room. Tom’s client cut a hole in the family room wall to house their 36” tube TV. Thinking at first, this would look great, Robert soon realized he was creating a permanent modification to hold a TV that was already obsolete.

First Meeting: As Tom met with Robert a more in depth story started to come to light. Robert explained behind the hole is a fireplace for the room behind it. He wanted Tom to change everything he originally built, to have the ability to hang a 50” plasma TV, plus have storage space on both ends.

Completed Custom Entertainment Center

As well, Tom needed to create a heat barrier from the fireplace, and have this new custom storage solution match the current furniture in their dining room.

Installation: The Closet Factory installation team changed all of the supports inside the wall to accommodate the new design. A custom crafted 1 ½“ thick wall was created inside to hold the new TV and minimize heat. All of the storage below is vented as well to provide maximum air flow so the home

theater components do not overheat.

Robert easy summed up his wife’s joy with this new custom designed organization solution by saying She Loves It!


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