Organizing Kids’ Artwork

Kids ArtworkOf course you love every piece of artwork your kids spend so much time creating at school, but it can become slightly excessive. If you keep finding art in every room of your house, yet you can’t make yourself throw any of it away it’s time to organize it. As everything has its place, there are some solutions to your artwork clutter so it  doesn’t consume your house.

  1. Save the Best. Instead of keeping every piece of art your child makes, pick and choose the best ones. Include your child in this decision so they won’t feel as if you are trashing their creations.
  2. Take a Picture. Take a picture of your child’s creations and scrapbook them. So even if the art gets damaged or thrown away you will still have the memory of it through a picture.
  3. File it. Buy a child friendly file box and designate the task of filing artwork to your young Picasso. You can separate the flat art how ever you wish; by calendar year, grade in school or materials used.
  4. Keep it Contained. If you can not bear to throw away any art from your small children, buy big storage containers to hold them. Depending on how often masterpieces are created will decide which size box you will need. Storage containers are ideal for vast amounts of work or unusually shaped pieces.
  5. Hang it Up. Install a bulletin board in one or two places of your house and display your child’s work. Filled with art, the boards can double as storage and décor in your child’s room or your home office. As art gets old, replace it with something new.
  6. Give A Gift. As each extended family member’s birthday rolls around give the gift of art. Grandma and Grandpa will be more than thrilled to receive their grandchild’s art and you will be relieving your house of clutter.

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