Organizing the Coat Closet

coat closetWith the temperature steadily dropping it seems as if you need a heavier jacket each week, but who wants to open the coat closet? It’s a complete and utter mess. It’s over stuffed and half of the items in there don’t even belong. Unless you would rather be cold, we are going to provide some tips on organizing your coat closet so you can find the right jacket or sweater for the weather.

1. Use all the space. There’s a little of everything is in the coat closet, but none of it is organized or fits correctly. Here at Closet Factory Richmond we can customize your coat closet to use all the space in an organized and efficient manner.

2. Double up on rods. If you have good amount of short or kids coats consider installing double rods. having an additional rod will allow you to easily store coats and keep them neatly organized by length.

3. Discover hidden storage. Having a customized closet solution will reveal all the hidden storage space you didn’t know you had. The extra space will allow you to store additional items in your coat closet, such as boots, umbrellas and other weather accessories.

4. As always, purge. Eliminate coat closet clutter by deciding which coats and sweaters you actually wear. Open up additional space by donating the items you don’t wear. Do this every year and to keep your coat closet under control.

5. Go outside the closet. If you don’t have a large coat closet go outside the closet for storage. Placing a coat tree or hooks in your entryway will allow you to store outerwear you wear on a daily basis, keeping specialty items organized in the closet.

6. Use additional organizers. Including an over-the-door organizer will allow you to store small accessories such as gloves, keys, sunglasses, hats and earmuffs right along with your outerwear.

7. Rotate seasonal items. Just as we detailed in our post, Seasonal Closet Organization you may want to consider rotating your outerwear by seasons. When it warms up move winter coats to other storage places and replace with lighter jackets to keep both sets organized.

Call Closet Factory Richmond today so we can create a custom coat closet organization solution for your home!

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