Organizing the Laundry Room

With the constant day-to-day activity from each member of your household, the laundry room can get out of hand. Very quickly. There are piles of clothes- dirty and clean, socks sprinkled here and there, and supplies all over the place.The first step to organizing your laundry room is to place all your cleaning supplies in a cabinet or on a shelf. With your supplies away you have space to begin organizing everything else. Second, sort the clothes. You can assign hampers for light and dark colored clothing and designate which family members use certain ones. If you have a counter, the next step is to clear it and deem it the home for clean clothes that need to be folded only. This way you have a clear space for folding, and you’ll be sure you are only folding clean clothes. As you organize your laundry room you are sure to find stray socks and other trinkets from pockets. To keep even these things organized, create a lost and found and sock basket. Any items you find will go in the basket which can be presented to the family at the end of the week to be claimed. Doing so will eliminate any random objects floating around and you’ll be able to match up some long lost socks.clr_laundry

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