Organizing the Pantry

If it took you more than 30 seconds to reach in the pantry and grab an item you knew without a doubt was there, then its time to organize. Often, we are so busy we come in after grocery shopping and toss things in the pantry without much thought. Week after week things begin to pile up and the cereal that normally goes on the top shelf ends up on the bottom shelf with the canned goods. Taking control and organizing your pantry is easy. Follow these steps and never again take more than 30 seconds to find anything!

  1. Purge Pull everything out, yes everything, to see what is actually in there.
  2. Add More Space Insert extra shelves if need be and/or buy an over the door rack. Real Simple advises trying a clear over the door shoe organizer for smaller items.
  3. Put it Back Now you are ready to place your groceries back in the pantry in a neat order. Group like items together so finding things will be easier.
  4. Label Place labels on shelves and drawers just incase your Mom doesn’t know where to find something when she visits. Or maybe your husband needs a little help, who can blame him you know what it looked like before.
Before Pantry


After Pantry


Pictures are from Thrifty Décor Chick’s blog and actual home.

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