Organizing Your Child’s Room

Children outgrow things quickly, so the trick to keeping your child’s room organized is to take an inventory of all the items in the room about every six months. Removing the clutter will go a long way in keeping your child’s room neat and organized.

Begin your project with trash bags and extra boxes. Assess which toys, books and clothing your child is currently using and which ones can be disposed of. Get rid of old clothes, unused and broken toys. Throw away the broken toys, but donate the old clothes and toys to your local charity.

Remember to keep your child’s size in mind. It is a good idea to keep your child’s favorite toys and books low so there is easy access to getting them and putting them away. Toys which require adult supervision should be stored up high.

Avoid oversized toy boxes. While they sound like a great idea, they hide the clutter instead of organizing it. Your child will make a huge mess looking for one small item at the bottom of the box. Smaller containers work much better. Keep small colorful boxes on open shelves that your child can easily find and pull out.

Every child needs a place to sprawl out and play. Built in shelving and cabinets are a great idea for maximizing storage space while leaving plenty of room to stretch out on the floor. With a Closet Factory installation, you will have adjustable rods and shelving that will grow with your child.

Let Closet Factory of Richmond help you organize your child’s room and the rest of your home as well.

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