Organizing Your Closet with a Valet Rod

Closet Factory valet rodWhen your wife wakes up in the morning to get dressed, does your bedroom and closet look like a yard sale?  I mean all the clothes your wife owns are hung from every vacant door jamb or knob she can find.  This yard sale goes on daily, or nightly depending on when she pulls her clothes out for the next day.  The one in my bedroom sometimes lasts over night.  She picks her top ten outfit choices then wakes up the next morning to grab something completely different. Different blouse, different skirt suit, and of course different shoes and accessories. I finally decided that I had to lend a hand.  No I didn’t pick an outfit out for her, I am not crazy.  I added a Valet rod to our closet.  Now she has the perfect place to put her clothes while in decision mode.  Better yet, I can walk through the doors without knocking clothes everywhere. Call Closet Factory Richmond today at 804-559-0001 to discuss how we can help you customize and organize your closet!


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