Organizing Your Shoe Collection

Do you have a weakness for Jimmy Choo? Does your closet look like the who’s who of shoe designers: Kate Spade, Prada, Manolo Blahnik, and Cole Haan? If the shoes in your closet are getting a little out of control, it’s time to get organized! Whether you own 30 pairs of shoes or 300 pairs, organizing your shoes will definitely save you time getting dressed and ready for the day.  Closet Factory of Richmond has a few tips for organizing your shoe collection.

Gather all your shoes together in one place. Be sure to check all around the house and under the bed. Next, sort your shoes. There are multiple way to sort your shoes: by color, by season, by frequency of use, even by favorite to least favorite. After all, it is your closet; organize it the way you want. For ladies’ shoes, you can organize your dress shoes by the height of heel as well as separating open toe shoes from closed toe. If you have a large collection of shoes that cannot be stored in one location, then organizing your shoes by season makes the most sense.

Discard shoes that are broken and cannot be repaired. Donate shoes that you don’t wear any more and don’t like to Goodwill or your local thrift shop. If you have shoes that need to be repaired this is a great time to do it. Set them aside so you won’t forget.

If you have a storage challenge for your shoes, and other closet items, call Closet Factory of Richmond. We are the experts in storage solutions that fit your lifestyle. Whether you want shoe cubbies, shoe racks, or slanted shoe shelves, we can design the perfect solution for your shoes and your entire closet.

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