Pack Light and Right

It’s almost time for your annual summer Messy suitcasevacation and you couldn’t be happier, until you realize you have to start packing soon and you know how dreadful the experience will be. Many people put off and have a hard time packing because they don’t know how to do it in an organized, effective manner. Because we want to alleviate your packing stress , we’ve decided to share some packing tips that will lighten your load and make the process easier.

  1. Pack only what you need.  People often over-pack and consequently struggle getting everything to fit.
  2. Line the perimeter of the suitcase with belts and tightly roll up any clothes that aren’t easily wrinkled to fill the base.
  3. Fold any easily wrinkled garments and place them on top of your rolled belongings.
  4. Drape long pants the length of the suitcase folding the excess in and alternating waist to hem.
  5. Store any smaller items in empty spaces to fully utilize the suitcase.
  6. Place a plastic laundry bag over all your clothes to help prevent wrinkling.
  7. Choose 2 to 3 versatile pairs of shoes, place them in resealable bags and store them along the sides of the suitcase.
  8. Never pack expensive fine jewelry because items can fall out during security checks or be stolen.

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