Rack Your Wheels

Back in June we gave you some tips on cleaning out your garage to make room to store your car, but what about your bikes? If every member of your family has a bike storing them in the garage can take up a good deal of space. Having a bike rack or two installed on the ceiling or walls will save you space and keep your garage organized. We’ve compiled a few space saving bike racks for you to consider:

  • Floor Mounted Vertical Rack, mounted to the floor and extends to the ceiling stacking 2 bikes on top of each other.
  • Ceiling Mounted Pulley, pulleys are mounted to the ceiling that raise and lower bikes with manual controls. Because it’s suspended, this rack option leaves you with extra floor and wall space for full garages.
  • Vertical Rack, attaches to the wall and can hold 2 full sized bikes vertically. Features 2 shelves for storage and works well in small spaces.
  • Horizontal Rack, the rack mounts to the wall and can hold 2 full sized bikes horizontally. It also features a wire shelf for accessory storage.

Vertical Rack

Vertical Rack

horizontal bike rack

Horizontal Rack

floor bike rack

Floor Rack

ceiling bike rack

Ceiling Rack

Images from Closet Factory

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