Charlottesville Design House – Closet Factory Tradition

Closet Factory custom organizer Peggy Woodall lends her custom storage expertise to the Charlottesville Design House. For the 6th year, the Shelter for Help in Emergency in Charlottesville, VA is hosting it’s Cville Design House, a fundraiser for the Shelter and an opportunity for the public to view the work of dozens of local designers. And for the 6th year the Closet Factory Richmond VA owners Bryan and Teresa Mueller along with Senior Designer Peggy Woodall are participating in this worthwhile event and having fun in the process.

How It Works
Each winter, an invitation arrives to preview the home which will be showcased that spring. Designers from the area bid on which rooms they would like to transform and that’s where the real work begins. Paint colors are fanned out, light fixtures are switched on, and furniture and accessories are considered and moved around. In the span of just a few weeks, the designers take empty rooms and bring them to life.

Inspiration Fabric

DH15_fabricThis year the Design House is in Earlysville so you get lovely mountain views as a bonus! As you tour the house, you will see dozens of ideas that you can take home with you. Even if your home is not large, or your budget is small, you will find something you can do in your own home. Case in point, this year U-Fab hung empty picture frames in the master bedroom, to great effect!

Closet Factory Involvement
I’m not going to give away the secrets of this year’s expansive master closet (you have to come out and see it!) but last year, myself for the Closet Factory and designer Amy Smith of Organized Design redid the laundry room and what a laundry room it was! A large footprint allowed us to create large cedar closets for storage, spaces for sewing and crafts, and there was even this nifty fold-out ironing board for quick touch-ups. Oh yeah, there was also a washer and dryer.

The Cville Design House is open now through May 17, 2015. Please visit for hours and directions. There is a cafe and a boutique which also benefit the Shelter for Help in Emergency and women in our area.

DH14_after1 DH14_after2

Master Closet Beautifully Built

A custom organizers dream wonderfully built

by: Sue Pike, Sr. Designer

Before Closet

“Before”  Master Closet – Lots of wasted space, no organization, not in fitting with the aesthetics of the home.

“After”  Master Closet – Beautiful floor to ceiling, fully paneled woodgrain closet with wood stained edges, wood raised panel fronts, drawers, doors, hamper and complete with double the hanging space and crown molding throughout.  Now this closet complements the home.
Upper clear Lucite doors provide more storage while adding that extra “bling” to the closet.  Stainless rods, tie, belt, and valet rods finish the accessories and shoes now displayed neatly on slanted shoe shelves.

2012 Southern Women’s Show

Closet Factory is excited to be a part of the 2012 Southern Women’s Show coming to Richmond April 20-22nd. Our team of designers will be on hand answering questions, and sharing just how easy it is for you to organize any space in your home with custom built solutions that are made right in Richmond.

Here is a great promotional video about the show.

2012 Design House Announces Designers

Congratulations to Sr. Designer Peggy Woodall who has been selected once again this year to participate in designing exclusive spaces for the 2012 SHE Design House.

About Peggy

Peggy Woodall has been a senior designer with The Closet Factory for over 6 years, serving clients in Charlottesville and the surrounding area. With an engineering background and 10 years of experience as a professional organizer, she is uniquely qualified to make sure that her clients get a beautiful, well planned, and well-organized closet that can store all your treasures and takes advantage of all of the space available. But it is so much more than just closets! Peggy and The Closet Factory handle any kind of storage needed or desired; pantries, garages, home offices, media centers, bookshelves, wall units, and Murphy Wallbeds.

About the 2012 Design House

With Design House, SHE hopes to offer a tangible reminder of the home we would wish for each person in our community: a haven of love and laughter, free from fear and violence. No matter how different the structures of our dwellings may be, surely they can all share that quality at heart, because peace on earth begins at home.

In its inaugural year, Design House brought together 17 designers to transform a contemporary Ednam Forest house. Design House 2011 was extended to two weeks and offered additional special events as well as a small café. Over 20 designers and many more vendors and suppliers, as well as significant contributors, combined their creative visions and donations or loans of paint, tile, rugs and furnishings. The results brought an appreciative stream of visitors.

The Design House Leadership Committee, designers, local businesses, financial sponsors, and donors of in-kind services are once again volunteering their time, talents, goods, and monies to raise funds to support the important work of the Shelter and create a home tour designed to inspire not only ideas but also hope and tranquility.

Read the full press release. Design_House_2012_announces_designers

Open for tours May 5-20, 2012. Tickets on sale in April – Get ticket information.

4th Annual Spring Clean for a Cause

We are gearing up for April. Not only is it a beautiful time of year it is our Spring Clean for a Cause special month. 2012 marks our 4th year of this event and we are very proud that with your assistance we can do our part of giving back to our community. We live here, as you do, and we want to do all we can to help make our community the very best it can be. During the month of April you can call our office at anytime and a member of our team will come get your gently used “Spring Clean” clothes and shoes. We sort and coordinate all the clothes and then work with local charitable partners to give these clothes away during the annual “yard sale” event. There is no reason to wait until April to start organizing your master closet or any other closet space in your home. And nothing makes the heart feel better than to help someone. Now your clothes can make a difference to someone in need and your generosity is so much appreciated. Remember feel free to call us at 804-559-0001 and we will come to you. If it is easier feel free to come visit us at our showroom/factory in Mechanicsville as well.

Before we go any further please know how much we appreciate you and your willingness to work with us to make our community stronger.

SHE Design House 2012

Tackling a Family’s Hidden Trouble Spots

by: Peggy Woodall, Sr. Design Consultant, Closet Factory Richmond

Every home has a special place that their owners want to show off –but what goes on behind the closed doors of the pantry and front hall closet?

Front Hall Closet 

Do you steer your guests away from opening the front hall closet door because you are afraid they will be buried under a cascade of mismatched mittens and misplaced doodads?  Then witness what it’s like to be able to find your coats, hats, shoes and both mittens, and still have space for the kids backpacks and umbrellas.  A clever twist on the standard hall closet puts what you want as you rush out the door right at your fingertips.


You know you have spaghetti sauce, but where is it?  There, behind the canned artichoke hearts.  When did you buy those?  Is 2009 the expiration date?

If cleaning out your pantry fills you with dread, then you will love this pantry with pull-out trays that open 100% so that you can see all the way in the back, baskets that corral root vegetables and kids snacks,  and even wine racks that keep the vino at the right angle.

Dinner is just around the corner in your beautiful, organized pantry.


I Love My Closet…But

I love my Closet Factory closet…but

by: Georgia Kukoski, Designer, Closet Factory Richmond

As a Closet Factory designer, my customers tell me every day how much they love their new Closet Factory closets. Customers share that the closet has truly made a difference in their daily lives. The morning routine is less stressful because clothes, shoes and jewelry have a place and are easy to access. So when my customer emailed after her installation that she loved her closet, but . . . my heart sank. I was at the installation and our Closet Factory Installation Team had done a masterful job of installing the panels, shelves, doors and drawers. And the continuous capshelf along the angled ceiling was amazing. What could she not love about her new master closet?

I took a deep breath and continued to read the email. “Georgia, I love my new closets.  My only criticism is that I can now see that I have six sweaters that are virtually the same color (really its twelve since I have the same problem with a particular shade of blue and another shade of green).  Ignorance was bliss.”

I laughed out loud! What a great problem we created for our customer! And it made me wonder how many other customers and future customers have purchased clothes that they already have in their closet or dresser because they could not find or see them.
With a season change around the corner, save some money on clothes. You will start the spring organized and aware of all your clothes and shoes.

Entertainment Organization Center

Closet Factory Richmond Designer Tom Ahl recently faced a popular Entertainment Center challenge. His client, Cindy had a projection TV built in to her wall that was falling and needed to be replaced. As well this design, while popular years ago was now outdated. In addition, she wanted a new design that would brighten up the room, while being able to hold a large TV, and give her plenty of custom organization opportunities for her CD and DVD collections.

Tom designed a bright design loaded with built in pull out trays for storage; a decorative wood edge on the TV shelf, flutes to trim out the space, and crown molding. In fact, Tom knew to create a center section to vent up through the cap shelf behind the TV to prevent the AV equipment from overheating.

Cindy loves it and is thrilled with how it updates the room.

Give The Gift of Love!

How about a Valentine’s Day gift, a Birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift…of Custom Organization

by Carol Farley, Closet Factory Richmond Designer

When I arrived at my client’s home, I was given a hand drawn sketch of their teen’s dream for his closet. The challenge was to incorporate his dreams and hopes along with the allotted space. There were two wall closets in his room side by side, one had long ago been stripped of closet essentials and an old countertop had been retrofitted into the space (probably leftover from the kitchen remodel). It was an awkward space and was not being used.

Custom Organized by Closet Factory and Carol Farley

After a couple of meetings of the mind, we came up with the perfect solution. We were able to give him the hanging that he wanted, the drawers, the shoe shelves along with shelves for folded clothes behind raised panel doors with glass inserts. All this was designed to fit into the closet opening that had once housed the old countertop.

Custom built to use every inch of space

This beautiful wardrobe closet was constructed of cherry veneer raised panels doors and drawer faces, all perfectly matching his existing bedroom set. We also removed the white bi-fold doors from the other closet and constructed solid wood raised panel doors to match the wardrobe.

What a beautiful Birthday Gift for a very special teen. We installed this on his birthday and were just leaving the driveway when he arrived home!!

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