Setting Up Your Home Office

Here at Closet Factory one of our specialties is customizing home office spaces, and since August is National Home Business Month we are sharing some tips for you to consider during the planning of your office. Working from home can be a distraction and we want to help you to be productive as possible!Closet Factory custom office

  • Identify the space. What area in your house would you like your office to be in? Is it a high traffic area? Will you be easily distracted in the given location?
  • Limit the ‘Living”. Once you’ve designated where you would like your office to be, declare it a ‘work-only’ area. Create rules so that each member of your family knows what is and isn’t off limits as far as entering and lounging.
  • What do you need? What exactly do you need to work? In helping us design your office space we need to know what is most important in aiding your productivity. Do you need a long or wide desk? A good amount of shelf space, multiple drawers or space for various machines?

Take these things into consideration as you begin planning and call us at 804 – 559 – 0001 to immediately begin designing your custom office.Closet Factory custom closet

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