Shared Space

Do two of your kids share a room and closet space? And are you tired of them bickering over whose stuff is touching the others? To end the petty, and not to mention irritating arguments divide the closet space equally among the two. Giving them the exact same amounts of shelves, cubbies and hanger space will eliminate any “he or she has more than me” battles. Once the closet is divided label what areas belong to whom. If everyone places their clothes in their designated areas there will no confusion. Go a step further by buying each child a specific set of colored hangers as another visual element of the divided space. Is the closet in your kids’ room not set up in a way that it can be divided? Call us today at 804 – 559 – 0001 to begin designing their custom closet!

Our custom kids’ closetclr_kids-closet

Shared kids’ closetShared kids closet

Image from Remodeling Center

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