SHE Design House 2012

Tackling a Family’s Hidden Trouble Spots

by: Peggy Woodall, Sr. Design Consultant, Closet Factory Richmond

Every home has a special place that their owners want to show off –but what goes on behind the closed doors of the pantry and front hall closet?

Front Hall Closet 

Do you steer your guests away from opening the front hall closet door because you are afraid they will be buried under a cascade of mismatched mittens and misplaced doodads?  Then witness what it’s like to be able to find your coats, hats, shoes and both mittens, and still have space for the kids backpacks and umbrellas.  A clever twist on the standard hall closet puts what you want as you rush out the door right at your fingertips.


You know you have spaghetti sauce, but where is it?  There, behind the canned artichoke hearts.  When did you buy those?  Is 2009 the expiration date?

If cleaning out your pantry fills you with dread, then you will love this pantry with pull-out trays that open 100% so that you can see all the way in the back, baskets that corral root vegetables and kids snacks,  and even wine racks that keep the vino at the right angle.

Dinner is just around the corner in your beautiful, organized pantry.


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