Simple Desk Organization

modern office desk by Closet Factory

Desk designed by Closet Factory

You have a rack of over flowing file folders, a legal pad, a stapler and tape dispenser, a pencil holder, 3 sticky-note pads, a calendar, your cell phone and desk phone, your iPod, a bottle of water, hand sanitizer, and computer all on your desk. Not only is it a lot to call aloud, but it’s a lot to have on your desk. As the week progresses things are sure to get moved around and scattered about. If you are having a hard time finding things or focusing it may be time to organize your desk. To do so follow these simple steps to desk organization.

  • Take everything off. Decide which things are most important to your fulfilling your duties and find another storage place for everything else.
  • Keep a small notebook or pad by the phone to jot down conversation notes and voicemails so they are readily available. Also use this to create notes before a conversation as a guide.
  • Keep your planner or PDA open and in plain sight. This will make scheduling meetings and appointments easier and quicker.
  • Place all your office supplies in a drawer. Keep extra pens, paperclips, notepads and other supplies in one place off your desk.
  • Sort your files. Purge any files that are no longer relevant to make space for new items and things you use on a regular basis.
  • Use the last 10 minutes of your time in your office to clean your desk so things aren’t chaotic when you return. Place your next task in the middle of your desk for when you return.

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