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I Love My Closet…But

March 4th, 2012

I love my Closet Factory closet…but

by: Georgia Kukoski, Designer, Closet Factory Richmond

As a Closet Factory designer, my customers tell me every day how much they love their new Closet Factory closets. Customers share that the closet has truly made a difference in their daily lives. The morning routine is less stressful because clothes, shoes and jewelry have a place and are easy to access. So when my customer emailed after her installation that she loved her closet, but . . . my heart sank. I was at the installation and our Closet Factory Installation Team had done a masterful job of installing the panels, shelves, doors and drawers. And the continuous capshelf along the angled ceiling was amazing. What could she not love about her new master closet?

I took a deep breath and continued to read the email. “Georgia, I love my new closets.  My only criticism is that I can now see that I have six sweaters that are virtually the same color (really its twelve since I have the same problem with a particular shade of blue and another shade of green).  Ignorance was bliss.”

I laughed out loud! What a great problem we created for our customer! And it made me wonder how many other customers and future customers have purchased clothes that they already have in their closet or dresser because they could not find or see them.
With a season change around the corner, save some money on clothes. You will start the spring organized and aware of all your clothes and shoes.

Organizing the Coat Closet

November 10th, 2010

coat closetWith the temperature steadily dropping it seems as if you need a heavier jacket each week, but who wants to open the coat closet? It’s a complete and utter mess. It’s over stuffed and half of the items in there don’t even belong. Unless you would rather be cold, we are going to provide some tips on organizing your coat closet so you can find the right jacket or sweater for the weather.

1. Use all the space. There’s a little of everything is in the coat closet, but none of it is organized or fits correctly. Here at Closet Factory Richmond we can customize your coat closet to use all the space in an organized and efficient manner.

2. Double up on rods. If you have good amount of short or kids coats consider installing double rods. having an additional rod will allow you to easily store coats and keep them neatly organized by length.

3. Discover hidden storage. Having a customized closet solution will reveal all the hidden storage space you didn’t know you had. The extra space will allow you to store additional items in your coat closet, such as boots, umbrellas and other weather accessories.

4. As always, purge. Eliminate coat closet clutter by deciding which coats and sweaters you actually wear. Open up additional space by donating the items you don’t wear. Do this every year and to keep your coat closet under control.

5. Go outside the closet. If you don’t have a large coat closet go outside the closet for storage. Placing a coat tree or hooks in your entryway will allow you to store outerwear you wear on a daily basis, keeping specialty items organized in the closet.

6. Use additional organizers. Including an over-the-door organizer will allow you to store small accessories such as gloves, keys, sunglasses, hats and earmuffs right along with your outerwear.

7. Rotate seasonal items. Just as we detailed in our post, Seasonal Closet Organization you may want to consider rotating your outerwear by seasons. When it warms up move winter coats to other storage places and replace with lighter jackets to keep both sets organized.

Call Closet Factory Richmond today so we can create a custom coat closet organization solution for your home!

Image from Real Simple.

Homearama Weekend Events

September 24th, 2010

Richmond's HomearamaLooking for something to do this weekend? Head out to Richmond’s Homearama at Patriot’s Landing. We have products featured in 4 of 6 homes on display. The homes will be showcasing the latest trends in interior design and new home innovations. In addition to the home tour, there will be daily events up until October 3rd. Head out for this weekend’s fun events and learn about 101 great new ideas for your home at the same time!

Homearama events for this weekend:

  • What: Children’s  Hospital Foundation Block Party
  • When: September 25th 12pm-4pm
  • Enjoy: Live entertainment by Flat Elvis, a silent auction benefitting the hospital, free lunch for 500 guests
  • What: Senior Day sponsored by Dominion Virginia Power
  • When: September 27 12pm-9pm
  • Enjoy: Organization seminar, flower arranging workshop, interior design tips and live music.

For more information on Homearama and its events visit Richmond’s Homearama.

Couture Closet Doors

July 22nd, 2010

You called us and we installed an organization unit, but you still feel as though a part of your closet is missing. Maybe it’s the decor of your closet doors. Usually people leave their closet doors plain, which can become mundane. To give yourself that extra boost when picking out your outfit for work, or when putting up laundry, decorate your closet doors. You can continue with the current design of your room or do something completely different. Whatever you choose make the outside as exciting as the well organized inside.

decorated closet doorsdecorated closet doorsdecorated closet doorsdecorated closet doorsImages from Apartment Therapy

Make Room For Your Car!

June 24th, 2010

If you’re lacking storage space in your home, you’ve probably started using your garage as the central storage location.  And like many homeowners, your garage is so full that your car won’t even fit.  Although your garage is spacious and can hold all of your extra items, it would be nice to actually use it for it’s intended purpose.

Don’t worry! We’ve provided some great tips from to help you maximize your garage space.

Get Rid of Your JUNK

The first step to organizing your garage is to rid yourself of all the things you no longer need or use.  If you have old-clothes or magazines that have been in a box hidden deep in your garage for the past five years, chances are you won’t be using them anytime soon.  Having a garage sale or donating your old items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill is a great way to help others as you’re cleaning your garage.  As the saying goes, “one person’s junk, is another person’s treasure!”

Use Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers are a great investment when you’re organizing your garage.  The bins will allow you to sort your items together so that you know where everything is later on when you need something in particular.  The storage containers are stackable, which will help you maximize your storage space.

Use Available Wall Space

Installing shelves and hanging items are two great ways to use the empty space on your walls.  Shelves are really inexpensive and easy to install.  Once your shelves are up, you can organize your items by using small plastic bins or boxes.

To hang items on your wall, you can use hooks and clasps that are found at your local hardware store.  The hooks will allow you to hang items such as rakes, shovels, brooms, and even your athletic equipment.

Now that you have these great tips on organizing your garage, put them to use.  Once your garage is clean and organized, you can finally use it to store the most important item of all, your car!  Happy Organizing!!!

Closet Factory Garage Storage Solution

View our gallery for more of our garage storage solutions.

Organizational Tip: Create a Family Disaster Action Plan

April 25th, 2010

Planning for the unexpected is never any fun, but keeping things organized in case of an unfortunate event is the best way to stay prepared when disaster does strike. It really doesn’t take a whole lot time to sit down with the family and create a plan of action. The action plan doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should include where everyone should meet and what to do in case of an emergency. It sounds simple enough, but how can you start? The NHC has a great list that can help you map out your plan. Here is what they recommend:

check markDiscuss the type of hazards that could affect your family. Know your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind.

check markLocate a safe room or the safest areas in your home for each hurricane hazard. In certain circumstances the safest areas may not be your home but within your community.

check markDetermine escape routes from your home and places to meet. These should be measured in tens of miles rather than hundreds of miles.

check markHave an out-of-state friend as a family contact, so all your family members have a single point of contact.

check markMake a plan now for what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate.

check markPost emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when to call 911.

check markCheck your insurance coverage – flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.

check markStock non-perishable emergency supplies and a Disaster Supply Kit.

check markUse a NOAA weather radio. Remember to replace its battery every 6 months, as you do with your smoke detectors.

check markTake First Aid, CPR and disaster preparedness classes.

Want to Donate? Stop By Our Showroom this Saturday!

April 22nd, 2010

As part of our Spring Clean for a Cause event, we will be collecting your gently used clothes this Saturday from 10-1 in our showroom. Just stop by our showroom to drop off your donation and while your here, you’ll also get a chance to meet local talk radio morning news personality Jimmy Barrett!

Join Us for the Southern Women Show this Weekend at the Richmond International Raceway!

April 14th, 2010

Peggy will be running the booth during the show, so stop by and say hi! Here a some more details for the show:

About the Southern Women’s Show, Richmond:

We have something for everyone.From savvy shopping to creative cooking ideas healthy lifestyle tips. Plus, you won’t want to miss our trendy fashion shows, great celebrity guests, and fabulous prizes.

Mark your calendar to Satisfy Your Cravings at the
Southern Women’s Show in Richmond, April 16-18, 2010.

Meet the Trashiest Garage Contest Winner!

April 9th, 2010

We have partnered with Clutter Cleaners to clear out and clean up one contestant’s trashiest garage. And we are excited to announce that Donna Taylor is the lucky winner! (Her contest entry is pictured below.) Donna has also been blogging about the transformation on her own blog if you want to take a look. Check back soon for the big reveal!

We Love our Closet Factory Clients!

April 4th, 2010

It’s always nice to hear from our happy customers. We just got this letter from Krystal and we thought we would share part of it with you:

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I have been enjoying my bedroom closet systems that were installed late December 2009. The closet systems have made it so much more enjoyable to put away laundry now that I have adequate space to store my clothes… I am so pleased with the closet systems, and I will not hesitate to recommend your company and Carol to friends and family who are considering closet systems.”

Thanks Krystal for taking the time to write and we are so glad you are enjoying your new closet!