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4 Benefits of Custom Closets

February 4th, 2011
Charlottesville Design House after closet

Custom closet design by Closet Factory Richmond

Every home comes with closet space, some spaces happen to be rather large while others are fairly small. Just because a standard amount closet space was set aside in your home does not mean it is efficient or beneficial. Often times the reason home closets become so cluttered is because the lack of design and customization. With a custom designed closet you are presented with benefits you never realized could make you more efficient. The 4 benefits of custom closets include:

  1. Efficient use of space- with the help of a Closet Factory Richmond professional storage solutions can be added to your closet to maximize the space in your closet.
  2. Seamless blending of design and function- not only will custom closets be tailor made to your storage needs, so will the design which will blend in with the functionality.
  3. Organizational efficiency- with storage space design specifically for your lifestyle you will be more efficient when it comes to organizing your belongings.
  4. Added value to your home- custom work by any means will increase the value of an object, the same goes for your custom closet and home value.

To begin discussing plans for your custom closet with a Closet Factory Richmond designer call or visit us today!

How is the Clutter Created in Your Home?

January 25th, 2011

Have you ever sat back and wondered, “Where on earth did all of this clutter from?” If you often find yourself doing extensive organizing and cleaning on a weekly basis you probably repeat this thought quite often. Depending on your personality the clutter in your home can come from numerous places. Maybe you always shop sales because the prices are so low, or maybe you feel guilty throwing out your child’s artwork from 5 years ago, you may even keep every little thing that has been passed down to you. Today we are going to share with you some funny ways clutter is created that we found shared on the national Closet Factory Facebook page.

  1. Whenever you stay at a hotel, take the tiny shampoos and soaps home with you. Don’t use them, though. Hoard them in your bathroom for the coming zombie apocalypse.
  2. Treat your home like a museum. Be sentimental about everything, from your first-grade report card to family heirlooms.
  3. Agree to store things indefinitely for other people.
  4. If someone offers to give you something you don’t really need, like an extra set of dishes, say yes.
  5. Combining households with your sweetie? This is the perfect opportunity to bask in the thrill of double ladles, DVD players and litter boxes. Don’t be tempted to get rid of a single object; you never know when you might need those extra dining room chairs.
  6. On to your wardrobe. Don’t weed out old things when you buy new ones, and keep clothing in a wide range of sizes in case you shrink or expand like Alice in Wonderland.
  7. Solve all of your organizational issues in one fell swoop with a quick trip to The Container Store. Buy loads of stuff, but don’t measure spaces beforehand or create a clear plan for how you’re going to use them.
  8. Deal with every stray emotion by going shopping. Spend more than you planned to so you can get the free gift at the cosmetics counter, even if you never use eye shadow or flavored lip gloss and already own enough toiletry bags to last a lifetime.
  9. Take your “miscellaneous” pile of papers, sort papers according to category/subject/urgency, label each pile as such with a sticky note, paperclip each pile together, file under “miscellaneous” in your filing cabinet, voila!
  10. Instead of appreciating what you have, dwell on the nagging feeling that you’re missing something important.
  11. There’s nothing in a “free pile” that can’t become your new best friend. Broken TV’s become objects d’art, and rain-soaked couches transform into guest bedding for the in-laws!
  12. Buy sale items because they are such an amazing deal and not because you actually need them.
  13. If you can’t sell your old things for what you think they’re worth, keep them instead of donating them.
  14. Take up a hobby or activity that requires lots of specialized gear or supplies, like ice hockey or scrapbooking. Oh, sure, it seems innocent now. Just wait until an entire room in your house has been devoted to your spouse’s model-train collection.
  15. Out of sight, out of mind. If it’s tucked in a container or hidden away in a cupboard, it’s not clutter.
  16. Speed up your impulse shopping by signing up for “flash sale” sites like Groupon.
  17. Value quantity over quality.
  18. Subscribe to half a dozen weekly magazines and a couple of newspapers, and refuse to get rid of anything until you’ve read all of them. Stack them until you can get there, ideally on tables that are slightly too small for them, enhancing the likelihood of landslides.
  19. If you have a yard sale, put everything you can’t sell back in the basement until next year’s yard sale. Repeat annually.
  20. When in doubt, box it up and put it into paid storage!
  21. (Information from

Anything sound familiar? Leave a comment and let us know which clutter vice describes you.

I Love My Closet!

June 5th, 2010

We love when our customers are satisfied so we were thrilled to receive this email from Jill and would like to share some of it with you:

“Just wanted you to know I LOVE my closet.  What a difference.  It’s all so neat and clean.  I found it hard to believe my clothes fit well with plenty of shelf space to spare.  I didn’t believe it could make such a difference.  Of course, we did throw out a lot when we emptied out the closet, but still, I can’t believe how many empty shelves I still have available. ”

Thank you for your business Jill and for taking the time to write. We’re glad you are enjoying your new closet!

10 Minute Pick-Up

May 16th, 2010

Between work, school, and extracurricular Messy Livingroomactivities all week you struggle to find time to clean up each day. Scheduling a specific time for everyone to clean up everyday will help keep your house organized. Pick a 10 minute time slot before or after dinner, or whenever works for your family to have everyone pitch in. During the timed clean up everyone should gather their misplaced belongings and put them back where they belong. Setting a time for your family to clean will eliminate daily clutter and lessen the amount of time you use for deep cleaning at the end of the week. For more 10 minute organizing tips visit Life Organizers.

Organizing the Pantry

May 8th, 2010

If it took you more than 30 seconds to reach in the pantry and grab an item you knew without a doubt was there, then its time to organize. Often, we are so busy we come in after grocery shopping and toss things in the pantry without much thought. Week after week things begin to pile up and the cereal that normally goes on the top shelf ends up on the bottom shelf with the canned goods. Taking control and organizing your pantry is easy. Follow these steps and never again take more than 30 seconds to find anything!

  1. Purge Pull everything out, yes everything, to see what is actually in there.
  2. Add More Space Insert extra shelves if need be and/or buy an over the door rack. Real Simple advises trying a clear over the door shoe organizer for smaller items.
  3. Put it Back Now you are ready to place your groceries back in the pantry in a neat order. Group like items together so finding things will be easier.
  4. Label Place labels on shelves and drawers just incase your Mom doesn’t know where to find something when she visits. Or maybe your husband needs a little help, who can blame him you know what it looked like before.
Before Pantry


After Pantry


Pictures are from Thrifty Décor Chick’s blog and actual home.

Want to Donate? Stop By Our Showroom this Saturday!

April 22nd, 2010

As part of our Spring Clean for a Cause event, we will be collecting your gently used clothes this Saturday from 10-1 in our showroom. Just stop by our showroom to drop off your donation and while your here, you’ll also get a chance to meet local talk radio morning news personality Jimmy Barrett!

We Love our Closet Factory Clients!

April 4th, 2010

It’s always nice to hear from our happy customers. We just got this letter from Krystal and we thought we would share part of it with you:

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I have been enjoying my bedroom closet systems that were installed late December 2009. The closet systems have made it so much more enjoyable to put away laundry now that I have adequate space to store my clothes… I am so pleased with the closet systems, and I will not hesitate to recommend your company and Carol to friends and family who are considering closet systems.”

Thanks Krystal for taking the time to write and we are so glad you are enjoying your new closet!

Seeing Your Clutter and Being Alright With It

March 5th, 2010

Getting organized has always been a challenge for me. What I’ve discovered most about myself in my attempts to get it together is that once something is put away (and by away I mean hidden in a drawer or file cabinet), I am very likely never to look at it again. One day while searching through various piles I have stacked on the kitchen table, desk, shelf, every flat surface, I decided enough was enough. I started with what I knew. If this mission was going to be a success, I had to be honest with myself. The more I could leave out in the open, in plain view, the better my success rate would be. This began a series of brainstorming activities which got me so excited I started a list (another task that I dread… not so much completing the list, just making it).

My list looked something like this:

1) Shelves
2) File Sleeves
3) In/Out Boxes
4) Dry Erase Board
5) Wall Calendar
6) Rolodex
7) Open Closet/Nook

Notice how each item on my list leaves it’s contents in plain view, yet neatly contains them at the same time. Now I can have everything in front of me until I’m finished with it, then file it away into the bottomless abyss of a file cabinet “just in case” I should need it again someday.

Here’s another awesome tip one of my friends recently shared with me. She has a place where she puts things she doesn’t know where to put, a purgatory for paperwork if you will. It hangs out in limbo until one day she decides to go through it. What she found is that many things lose their importance over time and she eventually feels comfortable throwing them away. If it is something she needs again, she knows where to find it. Me? I would move an item around from room to room until I got so irritated I would throw it away, only to find out it’s something I needed the very next day. Her solution eliminates a great deal of hassle and worry.

I have a relatively small space to work with and having things accessible, yet tidy, are important to me. It makes our family life much more efficient and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong. I still battle the urge to drop and leave. But, it’s a start. What are some organization tips you’ve incorporated into your apartment that work well for you?