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Apartment Therapy

I am sure that you are one of those people who have all your tax documents in order in nice, neat color-coded folders. If describes you, there is no need to read further. But if you are like the rest of us, tax season always seems to be a fight against paperwork. Where are all those pesky tax deduction receipts and 1099s? Where is last year’s return? While, we always seem to start the year with good intentions,  as April 15 creeps up, panic sets in and there is the mad dash to get everything in order.

So, to help you get ahead of the game this year, we put together a list of resources that might help you as you begin to tackle your taxes:

Apartment Therapy, How to Manage and File Paperwork
IRS, Earned Income Tax Credit Rules
Bankrate, How Long Should You Keep Your Tax Records?

By Jessica Scheufler

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