The Best Hangers

Now that you have your custom designed closet, it’s time to rehang all your clothes. Along with a new closet you should consider new hangers. Quality hangers help keep your clothes in good shape and lessen the occurrence of damages. Just as there are better quality hangers, there are certain ones that are best for different types of clothing. Try these different types of hangers for all your wardrobe needs:

For tee shirts and jeans- a plastic hanger with a sturdy bar and sloping shoulders for blousesHanger for shirts and jeans

For dress pants- an opened ended hanger with foam to keep pants from slippingHanger for dress pants

For designer pieces- a flat notched wood garment hanger for light and heavy itemsHanger for designer clothes

For suits- hanger with broad shoulders to keep the shape of jackets and a rubber bar for pantsHanger for suits

For skirts- a hanger with padded clamps so they don’t imprint on the skirtHanger for skirts

Images from Real Simple

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