Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

Whether you just got a job working from home or you are trying to reorganize an area into an at-home office, there are steps you can take to maximize your productivity. Working from home demands both discipline and organization, here are some tips for planning and organizing your home office:

Assess Your Work Style – How do you work best? Since your office space is where you need to be productive, what is your personal work style? This is a key component of planning your office space.

Good Lighting – Make sure that you have good task lighting to get your work done.

Organize Vertically – Organizing your space is the key to office efficiency. Installing a home office design will maximize space and your efficiency. Use wall space to organize notes and cabinets to store supplies.

Get a Comfortable Chair – Buy an adjustable office chair; it’s worth it.

Have a Designated Work Computer – With a work computer, you are less likely to have personal distractions. Remember to back up your system regularly and store your back up disks in an off-site location.

Keep Separate Office Supplies – You don’t want to constantly be leaving your office to find supplies in your house, so buy your supplies and keep them stored in your office.

The more you separate the line between work and home, the more efficient you will be working from home. Closet Factory Virginia can help you organize your work space into a home office that will work for you. Whether you have a whole room or just a small designated area for working from home, our designers can work with your space and your budget to organize your new home office.




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