Tips on Creating Storage Space for Your Home

Home organization can get a bit tricky sometimes. At times, many of us can go into hoarder mode and accumulate so much stuff, we find ourselves asking where it all came from later on. So how do we go about storing all this stuff?

Depending on what room you are designing around, you may need different kinds of things on display. The biggest key is utilizing any empty space in the room at hand. By making empty areas storage spaces, it’ll prevent any possible clutter build up.

Using the space on the walls in the best way to go when it comes to organizing. A 12’’ x 24’’ storage unit may take up that depth on floor, but by towering it up against the walls you’re using smart organizational skills.

The easiest of solutions is lining up modular storage units that can accommodate all sorts of things – like DVDs, books, picture frames etc.- you know, all things no one can ever figure out where to put. Whether you’re just buying, or building your storage units, make sure you pre-plan to see if it can hold everything you are looking to store.

As common as a television is in a household, it’s still something that a lot of people at times will want to be hidden away from plain sight. There are several different storage units for televisions that have doors to shut and hide the screen. Whenever going about picking out the right storage unit for the television, make sure it has the ability to run chords to and from the set. Also keep in mind that a remote control can sometimes be a problem if the receiver to your cable box is behind a closed door on the unit. Try to get one with glass doors to put the receiver behind. A lot of people would like them hidden, so still go with the glass door but by putting a small panel of sheer fabric behind the glass, you can still accomplish the “hidden look.” The majority of receivers will still pick up a signal through fabric.

Finally, keep in mind the rule of thirds when storing things on a shelf. All the objects should compositionally take up only a third or two thirds of the space while alternating from shelf to shelf. This will create both positive and negative space.

Hope this helps some of you. Any of you out there have some storage tips?

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