Tips on Organizing Recipes

Tackling kitchen organization can be a daunting task and a great deal of it may stem from your cluttered collection of recipes. Your recipe drawer is full of glorious sheets of paper displaying edibles from Paula Dean, Alton Brown, Rachel Ray, The Neelys and both of your grandmothers. Considering you have almost every recipe ever, it’s a wonder your recipes haven’t completely taken over your kitchen. Whether you have a few recipes or hundreds keeping them organized will simplify the cooking process and help keep your kitchen on track. Consider these tips on organizing your recipes:

  • Display them on a clipboard. While you are cooking keep them neat and clean by displaying them on a decorative clipboard and easel.recipe clipboard
  • Use a photo album or decorative box for storage. Preserve your mother’s and grandmother’s prized recipes by displaying them in a treasured photo album or decorative box that can be used as decor in your kitchen.

  • Catalog the masses in binders. If you have a great deal of recipes that you found on the Internet or ripped from magazines, place them in plastic sheet protectors and store them in a 3-ring binder. Go a step further and alphabetize and organize them by type of dish.

How would prefer to organize your recipes?

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