Tips on Proper Sock Drawer Organization

Has a friend or family member ever asked you to join them for an outing that you knew would be just awful, yet you agreed? And the reason you quickly agreed was because the only excuse you could quickly think of was the silly, cliché saying, “Oh sorry, I have to clean my sock drawer that day.”
We all know that cleaning out your sock drawer is probably not at the top of your priority list. But what about when this silly-sounding task actually makes your list of things to do when you get around to it? How do you clean your sock drawer anyway?

It is easy to take your sock drawer from a messy drawer of mismatched cotton to a clean, organized drawer of easy-to-find pairs of socks.

There are just a few simple steps you can follow:

1. Take all those socks out of the drawer.

2. Separate the socks into pairs and put the single ones that do not have a mate off to the side, to be dealt with later.

3. Now that you have all pairs matched, make piles for the separate types of socks: dress and formal, casual and athletic.

4. Next, you can either make your own dividers or buy some at the store — these will help you keep your socks for different occasions separated and neatly organized. I like to make my own by covering a few rectangular pieces of cardboard with fabric. Then, each divided section will be designated for socks for a specific type of outfit.

5. Take the matched pairs and organize them in the drawer by the categories that you have already separated them into.

6. If you haven’t found the mates to the single socks, give in and get rid of these. Why hold onto them? They will only add clutter, taking you back to the unorganized mess you had before.
No more searching for a pair of socks that match because you will be able to pull out your drawer, quickly grab a pair and be on your way. And now that you are on your way to full organization, no reason to put off putting your laundry away as soon as it is clean and dry!

Oh, and remember…cleaning out your sock drawer is for a rainy day when you don’t feel like leaving the apartment…not for an excuse to get out of doing something you don’t want to do.

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