Today’s the Day – Time To Organize That Horribly Messy Closet

Ok, get ready.  Today is the day.  I am going to get organized.  I am tired of opening closet doors and having something fall on my head!  Who needs all this stuff anyways; I have not used it or worn it in years.  That is how I feel every time I open my bedroom closet.  Let me back up a bit, we moved in to our new home 6 years ago, husband, three kids and me.  I still have things hanging in my closet that have not been worn since then!  Clothes still hanging on the same hang, in the same pile on top of the shelves, still cannot find the other shoe!

First things, firsts I am making a game plan. I have gathered three boxes, pencil, paper, labeler and ice-cold Mt. Dew.  This is going to be a tough few hours.  Therefore, here is the plan:

1.        Label each box.

a.       Cleaners or repair (is it not worn because it needs to be cleaned or a button sewn back on)

b.       Give away or donation box (it does not fit and never will, maybe someone else can use it)

c.        Garage sale or resale shop (still holds some value, new coat only worn twice, see what you can get for it)

2.       Handle each item once.  Decide right now, which box it, goes in to or if it is to be returned to the closet with its hang facing backwards.  (If it is still hanging that way in 6 months or a year, out it goes)

3.       Make a list of what storage items that will be need to help keep the closet neat.  Shoe racks, storage boxes, shelf dividers.

I start by taking out anything in the closest that does not belong there, dirty towels, shopping bags, etc.  I will deal with that later, now on to the clothes.  Once it is in my hand it has to either go into one of the labeled boxes or back to the closet hanging hanger facing backwards. Tackle all the sweaters and anything else that was thrown up on the shelves.  Toss out worn out shoes and boots.  Make a pile of shoes that just need minor repairs or a bit of polish.  Jot down items to purchase.

I will need a shoe rack that holds 24 pairs of shoes, 6 shelf dividers, 3 storages boxes and a clothes hamper.  Shoes will easier to find with their mates, sweaters will stop falling over or on my head and smaller items such as belts and scarves will have a place be.

After a few hours, everything has its place, and I am ready for a trip to Goodwill to drop of a box or two.  Next, on to my daughter’s closet…..

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