Toy Overload: Toy Organizing Tip

Children’s toys seem to multiply, don’t they? Between grandparents, birthdays, and occasional treats, toys can really get out of hand if you don’t have some kind of system in place. And while storage bins can be helpful to organize and store toys while they are not in use, sometimes even the storage bins can get out of hand. Instead of buying more bins and baskets when you accumulate too many toys, try this idea from Ohdeedoh: Institute a toy storage limit. Once a bin is full, ask your child to help you go through the bin and throw out any broken toys. If there are toys in the bin that are rarely used, consider donating or consigning the unused toys. By reducing the amount of toys you store, you will not only reduce clutter, but your child will also be able to find those toys that he or she plays with regularly.

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