Where Did this Potted Meat Come From? Kitchen Pantry Organization 101

A family-sized cereal box holding just a small handful of stale fruit loops.  A can of beets with a thick layer of dust on top.  A smashed bag of marshmallows too petrified to poke a stick through. Does this sound like your kitchen pantry – storage space wasted on expired and unwanted products mixed in with all the foods you actually do eat, so that finding anything is a chore and figuring out what you already have is an exercise in futility? Is your pantry basically an overstuffed closet in desperate need of organization? Take comfort: you are not alone.

There are a few simple tips to move your pantry toward real functionality. First, of course, is to get in there and show no mercy to those old foodstuffs. Expired? Toss ‘em. Still good but never going to be eaten in your household? Got to go. Next, identify the things you want to keep that are in awkward packaging, and transfer them to containers that have a more regular shape and are easily stacked. Finally, group like items together and make sure those containers have big, readable labels! Remember, the goal is to make things easy to find.

Probably the biggest contributor to poor pantry organization is poor design – most pantries are just rows of plain shelves, with nothing to aid in keeping things orderly. Sliding drawers and shelves, vertical dividers, and handy bins can make it easier to not only get your pantry organized but also keep it that way. Our professionals at Closet Factory Richmond are experts at evaluating your kitchen pantry and designing a storage system that is easy to use and maximizes your space. Call us today to discuss how we can help you organize your pantry.

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